Ethan Sawyer Tax Services LLC Welcomes You

Our office has answers to all of your tax questions. Meet with a tax expert possessing years of consulting and tax preparation experience and you will receive the support you need in all areas of income taxes, from the everyday to the complex. We place special emphasis on reliable and individualized consulting that specializes in:


  • Federal and state tax preparation for individuals

  • Federal and state tax preparation for small businesses

  • Bookkeeping

  • Tax Planning

  • Federal and state Audit representation

  • Prepare responses to IRS and State letters

  • Electronic Filing of current year tax returns

  • Prepare or amend prior year tax returns


Learn more about our office and the range of services we offer on the pages that follow.


What to expect at your appointment

During your appointment you will meet with an income tax specialist who will prepare your income tax return while identifying deductions, credits and tax planning items specific to your situation. Your tax preparer will answer questions you may have about current year tax issues as well as answer questions you may have about prior or future tax filings. We electronically file income tax returns with both the IRS and State taxing authorities. Refunds from and/or payments to the IRS or state taxing authorities can be made electronically through your checking account to ensure the quickest refunds and methods of payment.

What should I bring to my appointment

We have a number of free downloadable tax organizers and checklists available on our website to use when organizing your year end paperwork.  Returning Clients may request a personalized organizer based on the previous year's information.

Our mission

At Ethan Sawyer Tax Services LLC we constantly strive to provide the best income tax preparation services possible to our clients. In addition to our tax preparers maintaining an awareness and understanding of the most current updates to the Internal Revenue Code, our goal is to provide our clients with an understanding of what information is included on their tax return and how it impacts the tax return. As tax professionals we are bound by a set of professional standards and continuing educational requirements to maintain the highest levels of quality in tax return preparation, but it is just as important for the taxpayer to understand what is on the tax return because the taxpayer takes responsibility of the contents of the tax return by signing and filing it. The goal of this website is to provide taxpayers with an awareness of issues that they may wish to discuss with their tax preparer to receive a better understanding of what is on their income tax return. It is also the goal of our tax preparers to provide the answers to the specific questions their clients have about their individual income tax return during their appointments.